Find Out the Secrets About Men…
What A Man Thinks & Wants from You!

He’ll beg you for a 2nd date. . .
then ask you for a long-term commitment. . .
and ask you to marry him…finally!

(even if you haven’t had any luck with dating at all)
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19 Male Dating Experts
Tell You How!

Evan Marc Katz - Dating Coach
Evan Marc Katz
Dating Coach
Hunt Ethridge - Dating Coach
Hunt Ethridge
Dating Coach
James Swanwick - Dating Coach
James Swanwick
Dating Coach
Jonathon Aslay - Dating Coach
Jonathon Aslay
Dating Coach
Scot McKay
Scot McKay
Dating Coach
David Tian - Dating Coach
David Tian
Dating Coach
Matthew & Orna Walters
Matthew Walters
Relationship Coach
Mr. Locario - Dating Coach
Mr. Locario
Dating Coach
Dr. Ray Doktor
Dr. Ray Doktor
Relationship Counselor
Dr. Robert Maldonado
Dr. Robert Maldonado
Co-Founder Creative Love
Dr. Ian Smith
Best Selling Author
Alex Allman - Sex Expert
Alex Allman
Sex Expert
Kevin Witt
Bachelor Millionaire Matchmaker
David Steele - Relationship Coach
David Steele
Relationship Coach
Thomas Edwards Jr.
Gerald Rogers
Gerald Rogers
Transformational Coach
Drew Gerald - Coach
Drew Gerald
Sex Expert
Joshua Pompey - Online Dating Expert
Joshua Pompey
Online Dating Expert
Tripp Lanier
Tripp Lanier
Men's Coach

The Secrets About Men:
What Men Really Think & Want from YOU!

couple love heartI’ve brought together 19 of the World’s
Top Male Dating Experts.

And I’ve interviewed them in a series of 19 videos,
so YOU can have access to their advice.

They are going to help you become more
successful at dating. . .

They’re going to help you get into a long term relationship with the right man. . .

And they’re going to help you take your relationship to the next level & eventually to marriage – because that’s what you ultimately want, right?!

Not only are they giving you their best advice from a professional standpoint, but because. . .

A) They are men themselves. . .


B) They work with thousands of single men…

. . . they truly know what men think & want from you when it comes to dating, relationships, sex & marriage!

Now, if you were to go to each expert on your own, you would have to pay top dollar just to get just an hour of their time.

But I’ve already done all the research for you and found the best, of the best and I’ve already asked them all your burning questions you want answered.

And I’m giving you access to all 19 male dating experts & their best advice in this unique one-of-a-kind all-male video series.

About the Top Male Dating Experts

Our experts are at the top of their respective fields, and have been seen on all the major media outlets, all over the world, including the United States, the U.K., Australia, and Singapore.

Get ready – because they’re not holding back. They’re telling you the real truth about men and they’re giving it to you straight!

From: Suzanne Oshima – Matchmaker & Dating Coach
Re: The Secrets About Men
Hello Sweet Friend,

So many women who want to be in a committed, intimate relationship aren’t – because they have no idea what men want.

(And even women who ARE in a committed relationship often don’t have the level of connection and intimacy they truly want.)

It’s not like we haven’t tried…

Many of us would love to know what men think & want…

But men don’t exactly open up and tell us what they’re looking for, or what drives them away…

In fact, it’s rare that we ever get to hear a man’s opinions on dating and relationships…

Which is why I’ve brought together 19 Top MALE Dating Experts to share their best advice, secrets, & knowledge with you. . .

But they’re not just any dating experts…

They’re all MEN!

And they’re all ready to help you understand what goes on inside the heads of eligible, quality men who are looking to meet the right woman, for a long-term relationship that leads to marriage.

(And if you’re already in a committed relationship, our experts are also going to share how you can keep that relationship alive, vibrant, & moving forward. . . all the way to marriage.)

I’ll tell you all about how you can get this advice from our experts in just a minute, but first, I’d like to make sure that this is for you. . .

Let me ask you – have you ever. . .

  • Felt like there weren’t any available, quality men out there? (or if they’re out there, you sure as heck don’t know where to meet them!)
  • Gone out with a great man on a few dates (or even a few months) when all of a sudden he becomes distant, starts to pull away & then disappears?
  • Constantly worried you’ve said or done something wrong and that it’s going to scare him away?
  • Felt like all the men your age, just want to date younger women?
  • Tried to have “The Talk” with your man about the status of your relationship. . . and now it feels awkward (and you’re worried he may bow out)?
  • Been in a relationship that you felt would surely lead to marriage. . . but instead you ended up with a broken heart?
  • Been married before & you’re not sure how to “get back out there"…or if you can ever trust another man?
Well, you’re not alone!

As a Dating Coach, I hear from women dealing with these experiences on a daily basis.

The good news is, I’ve also helped thousands of those women to move beyond those experiences, to meet quality men (who are ready for commitment) and move through the various stages of a relationship– all the way to marriage.

And the even better news is…

As a Matchmaker, I’ve also worked with thousands of men who are looking for a long-term relationship that leads to marriage.

Which means single men from all ages & backgrounds have shared with me their innermost thoughts & feelings about dating, women & relationships. . .

And in the process of getting to know the men on a deeper level, I quickly discovered that there is a complete disconnect between what men want in a woman, & what women think men want!

The Idea that Could Change Everything for You

I work with women of all ages, and they are very open and honest with me about their frustrations with dating & relationships.

When I asked women about their biggest struggles with men & dating, their answers fell into 4 main categories that I just want to share with you…

Struggle #1:
“I don’t know where to meet quality men”

I hear this one All The Time!

And this struggle shows up in different ways for different women. . .

Maybe you’ve tried online dating, but it felt like a lot of work with very little results.
(Or maybe you’ve thought about online dating, but the idea of meeting someone on the internet rather than face-to-face just doesn’t feel right to you.)

Or maybe you live in a small town, where there just doesn’t seem to be any places to meet single, mature, relationship-minded men.

Or maybe you live in a larger city, but you still have no idea where to GO to meet men.

Or maybe you have met men. . . but, just not the kind you were looking for or wanted to even go out on a date with.

And for some women, it can be more of an issue of, “I’m just not confident enough to go out and meet men, on my own.”

The good news is – contrary what you may believe, meeting men really isn’t that hard! When you discover why men don’t approach you & the secrets on how to get men to approach you, without seeming desperate or too forward!

Struggle #2:
“I’m tired of men disappearing on me
after a couple of dates!”

Did you know that even the most gorgeous & intriguing woman has men disappear on her?


Because even physical beauty can’t prevent a man from disappearing, especially if she makes a major mistake in the beginning stages of dating.

Don’t believe me?

Men tell me all the time, it doesn’t matter how beautiful a woman is. If she makes one of these major mistake in the early stages of dating, he’s not going to stick around.

In fact, 90% of all single women make at least one major mistake, that will make any man disappear after a few dates, or worse even after a couple of months!

And you may not even be aware that you are inadvertently making the same mistakes, which is why men are disappearing on you.

The good news is – once you know what those mistakes are, they are incredibly easy to avoid.

The key is finding out what causes men to disappear – and the best way to find that out is to ask men themselves…

Struggle #3:
“I don’t know how to move from ‘Just Dating’
into an ‘Exclusive Relationship'”

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re dating a man for several months & you think everything is going great. You have amazing chemistry. The connection is undeniable. The sex is amazing. Everything just works.

You know you don’t want to see any other men and you really want to take it to the next level – an exclusive committed relationship.

You’re pretty sure he feels the same way about you…but for some reason, he’s never brought it up.

You begin to feel like he’s holding back, but you’re not sure why.

You want to ask him, but you’re afraid that you might scare him away.

Would it help if you knew exactly what prevents a man from taking it to the next level and asking for a commitment

And would it help if you knew what a man really wants in a girlfriend and in a long-term relationship?

If you knew these key things, it would certainly help you see more clearly. You could determine if you’re doing something that’s preventing him from making a commitment, or if it’s his own issues and that he’s not ready for a commitment.

And when you get into a committed relationship with the right man, you’ll know exactly how to keep the relationship thriving and exciting, so that he wants to take it to the next level with you…

Struggle #4:
“Why haven’t my Ex-Boyfriends seen me
as Marriage Material ?!”

If a man is going ask you to marry him, he has to be almost 100% certain that you’re the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with.

If there is any doubt or question in his mind about you or the relationship, it may prevent him from asking you to marry him.

But what could possibly prevent him from asking you to marry him?

Well, for every man it can be something different, as no 2 men are alike.

But, what if we looked at this in a different way…would it help you, if you knew exactly what makes a man see you as marriage material?

Now, every man is physically attracted to different women, but believe it or not, there are core basics that every man looks for in a woman he would marry.

So the best place for you to start is to discover exactly what a man truly values and cherishes in a woman who he would ask to marry him & spend the rest of his life with. . .

Those were the main major struggles that I noticed most women have…but, there were also some other ones worth mentioning, such as…

  • “How can I work on my insecurities? I’d like to be more confident about dating.”
  • “How can I tell if a man wants a serious relationship, and not just someone to sleep with?”
  • “How can I communicate with a man, without scaring him away?”
The fact is, the single women I surveyed had so many questions. . .

And they wanted them answered by MEN!

Which gave me an idea. . . an idea that could literally change your love life…to help you meet the right man…shift into a serious relationship & finally get married!

Everything You Need to Meet a Quality Man and Go from ‘Just Dating’ to an Exclusive Relationship
& Finally Get Married!

Most dating & relationship courses simply focus on a single dating expert or a mix of both female & male dating experts.

And most other dating & relationship courses are full of rules, manipulation tactics & games. They want you to become someone you’re not, just so you can land the man and get the ring.

But the problem with that kind of typical dating advice is this –

If you land a man by playing games or manipulation, then you’ve already established a low level of trust and honesty for your relationship.

And if you’re looking for an honest quality man, someone you can really connect with on a deeply intimate level…then games, manipulation & being someone you’re not, just won’t cut it. A man of that caliber will see right through you, and he won’t stick around…in fact, he’ll just dispappear without a trace.

In “The Secrets About Men,” our male experts get real. And they show you how YOU can STAY real, too.

Because attracting an honest, sincere man isn’t about changing who you are.

And it isn’t about playing games with his head.

And it certainly isn’t about following the “rules” that your girlfriends swear by.

Building a strong, intimate & honest relationship is about understanding what quality men think & want from YOU!

Which is why I truly believe…

“The Secrets About Men”
is Honestly…

I’ve been doing this a long time – working with single men & women, and interviewing hundreds of dating experts.

But even I was blown away by the things I learned from our all-male lineup.

This isn’t a bunch of theory . . . it’s high impact and it’s all about getting solid results when it comes to meeting & keeping the right man…that leads to marriage!

“The Secrets About Men”
All-Male Video Series is the 1st of Its Kind!

There is no other dating product out there that has 19 different all-male dating experts in one video collection.

And my favorite part about this series?

We cover ALL the stages of dating, relationship, sex & marriage!

Whether you haven’t dated in a while, or you’re out there dating right now, or want a commitment from the man you’re dating, or you’re ready for marriage.

By the end of “The Secrets About Men”, you will…

  • Have men asking you for a second date…
    before the first date even ends.
  • Have the man you’re dating, ask you for a commitment…
    before you even think about bringing it up to him.
  • Have the man you’re in a long-term relationship with…
    realize that you’re the best thing that ever happened to him and that you’re marriage material!

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside
The Secrets About Men:
What They Really Think & Want from YOU!

The Secrets About Men

During my 12 years of work in the Matchmaking & Dating industry, I’ve noticed that the men & women I work with need to learn and understand what men think & want from them at different stages of dating & relationships.

So, for that reason, I’ve organized the video series into:

The 4 Stages of
Dating, Relationships, Sex & Marriage!

Get Ready for Dating

Stage 1: Get Ready for Dating!

If you haven’t been successful with dating in the past or you haven’t dated in awhile (because you’re coming out of a breakup or divorce), then you definitely want to put yourself in the right mindset before you even start dating.

When you put yourself in the right mindset for dating, you are guaranteed to have a higher success rate when it comes to dating and meeting the right man.

So, to get you ready for dating, in Stage 1 we talk about. . .

  • The real keys to finding your soulmate and true love
  • How to completely overcome any insecurity or limiting belief you have about dating
  • How to easily deal with rejection and overcome it.

Your Stage 1 Videos:

  • Believe in Love
    Evan Marc Katz
  • How to Demolish Your Insecurities with Dating
    David Tian
  • How to Deal with Rejection
    Gerald Rogers
  • 5 Core Truths to Conscious Dating
    David Steele

Stage 2: Dating!

The first date and early stages of dating are so critical, as these are the moments that truly determine if a man really wants to see you again….and again.

Many women make some key mistakes at this stage of dating that can either completely turn a man off or make him just disappear from the picture.

That’s why, when you empower yourself and understand what a man is really looking for in the early stages of dating, he won’t disappear.

In Stage 2, you’ll find out. . .

  • Where & how to meet men every day (no matter where you are or how shy you are!)
  • What really attracts a man (it has nothing to do with your physical looks)
  • How to get the right men to contact you on an online dating site
  • What determines whether or not, he’ll even ask you out on a 2nd date
  • The critical mistakes you may be making in the early stages of dating, which is making men run for the hills
  • What you may be doing wrong and why men disappear without a trace
  • The biggest dating mistakes almost all women make (and don’t even have a clue)
  • What men really think & want when it comes to sex (it’s not what you think!)

Your Stage 2 Videos:

  • Where to Meet Men
    Matthew Walters
  • What Attracts a Man
    James Swanwick
  • What Makes a Man Disappear?
    Joshua Pompey & James Swanwick
  • How to Be Successful at Online Dating
    Jonathon Aslay & Special Guest
  • A Great First Date
    Jonathon Aslay, Mr. Locario, Joshua Pompey
  • How to Win Him Over in the Early Stages of Dating
    Scot McKay
  • Understanding Your Primal Sexual Blueprint
    Dr. Ray Doktor
  • What Men Want When it Comes to Sex!
    Alex Allman
The Committed Relationship

Stage 3: The Committed Relationship

When you’ve been dating a great man for awhile, the next logical step is the committed relationship.

But do you know what makes a man want to commit to you and make you his girlfriend?

The committed relationship is the one of the most critical stages for both of you, as this is when you both start to discover and learn more about each other.

You’ll go through ups and downs, but it’s all in how you handle and deal with the highs and lows of a relationship that will determine if the relationship leads to marriage, or to a break up.

In Stage 3, you’ll discover. . .

  • Why he may have reservations about committing to you
  • What every man wants in a girlfriend & a long term relationship
  • The best ways to communicate with a man, so you get exactly what you want (in a non-manipulative way)
  • What men want inside the bedroom and why men cheat!

Your Stage 3 Videos:

  • The Girlfriend & Relationship Every Man Wants!
    Hunt Ethridge
  • How You Communicate with a Man is Critical
    Mr. Locario
  • Men, Sex & Cheating!
    Hunt Ethridge, James Swanwick, Drew Gerald

Stage 4: Marriage!

Getting from the committed relationship to marriage is not easy (if it was, you would be married already!). But if you truly understand what men are really looking for in a woman they want to marry, then it might be easier than you think!

If a man is going to spend the rest of his life with one woman, he’s looking for certain qualities in a woman that no other woman has. Ultimately, a man wants a woman that makes his life better, not harder!

In this final stage, you’ll discover. . .

  • What makes a man fall in love (and what will make him fall out of love!)
  • What makes a man see you as marriage material (and why he may just see you as girlfriend material)
  • How he knows you’re The ONE & feels confident in asking for your hand in marriage
  • What every man wants in a wife & how to make him see that you have those qualities

Your Stage 4 Videos:

  • What Makes a Man Fall in Love
    Dr. Robert Maldonado
  • What Makes a Man See You As Marriage Material!
    Scot McKay, Hunt Ethridge & Special Guest
  • Why He Knew She Was the One!
    Tripp Lanier
  • The Wife Every Man Wants
    Gerald Rogers

Don’t Take My Word For It

“The Secrets abut Men is hands down the best dating & relationship I’ve ever bought. Had I known all these things about men before, I probably wouldn’t have had such a hard time dating and staying in a long term relationship…thanks so much Suzanne for this video series.”

Lisa, 39

“I’m not done watching all the videos, but I just want you to know how much this has completely changed my dating life. I’m meeting more men, going out on more dates, and guess what men aren’t disappearing like they used to!”

Crystal, 43

“I’ve been in a long term relationship with a man for a year and half. I want to get married, but every time I bring it up, he changes the subject. After watching the videos on marriage and what a man wants in a wife…now I know why! Thank you for enlightening me and getting these men to tell us the truth.”

Jill, 35

Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • Total 19 videos which include:

    • Stage 1: Get Ready for Dating!

    • Stage 2: Dating

    • Stage 3: The Committed Relationshp

    • Stage 4: Marriage!

You’re going to find out what men want at each and every stage of dating, relationships, sex & marriage.

You’ll find out exactly what mistakes you made in the past that prevented men from asking you to be in a committed relationship.

And more importantly, you’re going to discover what makes a man want to marry you and spend the rest of his life with you!

This will all become much easier for you, when you truly understand what men want at all the stages.


And because I really want this to work for you, I’m also including 4 HOT BONUSES. . .

Bonus #1: The Truth About Men! Video
Bonus Value: $97

  • What men are afraid of in a relationship
  • Why giving him an ultimatum is the worst thing you can do!
  • How long you should wait to sleep with a man
  • Why men don’t like a woman who is too aggressive
Ian Smith
Dr. Ian Smith | Best Selling Author of “The Truth About Men”

Bonus #2: The Man Panel Video
Bonus Value: $97

  • Why men aren’t very good at picking up your hints
  • Why you shouldn’t try to be something you’re not
  • What turns a man off
  • Find out if a man will take you less seriously, if you sleep with him too soon
Thomas Edwards
Kevin Witt | Bachelor on Millionaire Matchmaker
Thomas Edwards, Jr. | Wingman

Bonus #3: Body Language 101 Video
Bonus Value: $97

  • Why body language on a date, says more than what is spoken
  • Why flirting with a man is so important
  • What the different touching points are on his body
  • What you should do if you want to be kissed
Thomas Edwards
Thomas Edwards, Jr. | Wingman

Bonus #4: The Secrets to Meeting Men! eBook
Bonus Value: $7

  • Find out why men don’t approach you
  • How to get men to approach you without seeming desperate or too forward (even if you’re shy!)
  • Discover the 65 best places to meet men!
Suzanne Oshima Where to Meet Men
Suzanne Oshima | Matchmaker & Dating Coach

Plus, I’m throwing in a Fast Action Bonus for the first FIVE (5) people who sign up…
Only ONE (1) LEFT…
Don’t Wait, Sign Up Now!

Fast-Action Bonus: One private 1/2 hour session with Suzanne Oshima (value: $297)

In this 1-on-1 conversation, it’s just you and me – totally focused on YOUR specific dating situation. This is a highly personalized session in a safe, private setting. (I strictly limit my 1-on-1 clients now, so this bonus is extra special.)

Don’t Take My Word For It

“All my ex-boyfriends broke up with me and they never asked me to marry them.

After watching these videos, now I realize that it wasn’t them, it was actually me! I have so many repeating patterns where now I can understand why they didn’t want to be with me.

Now I’m focusing on becoming the best version of myself to attract the right man for me!”

Tracy, 49

“Going through a divorce is scary. I was so afraid to get back out there and date, because it’s completely changed since I was single over 20 years ago.

The men in your video series really enlightened me about men and what they really want. Honestly, it’s made dating so much easier for me.

And guess what? I met the most amazing man and I’m getting married again! And I know that this time, it will be forever!”

Sandy, 54

“Suzanne, I can’t thank you enough for this video series. The men are absolutely amazing, I love all the straight forward advice they gave me about men. It’s been so helpful and I can already tell men are starting to react to me differently. You’ve helped me so much when it comes to dating. Smile

Krista, 39

Is “The Secrets About Men” for You?

This IS for you if…

  • You don’t understand what men think & what from you
  • You’re tired of men disappearing on you after a few dates, or worse after a couple of months
  • You’re frustrated with dating and just want to meet the right man
  • You’re recently divorced and scared to get back out there and date
  • You’re tired of having a great relationship end after just a few months
  • You really want to know what a man wants in a girlfriend & long term relationship
  • You’re tired of not being seen as marriage material by your ex-boyfriends
  • You want to know what makes a man see you as marriage material

Now this isn’t for everyone…
so, this is NOT for you if…

  • You meet men effortlessly & find opportunities to date all the time
  • You are able to meet & attract eligible, quality men who aren’t afraid of commitment
  • You know what a man is thinking and feeling at all stages of a relationship – and he’s incredibly open with you when it comes to communication!
  • You are already in a committed relationship, and Mr. Right has no trouble being deeply intimate & speaking to you about further commitment – in fact, he’s the one hinting at marriage!
  • You have a ring on your finger, a date set & a man who is madly in love with you!

To Sum Up, Here’s What You’ll Get…

  • 19 videos covering the 4 Stages of Relationships:

    • Stage 1: Get Ready for Dating!
    • Stage 2: Dating
    • Stage 3: The Committed Relationshp
    • Stage 4: Marriage!
  • 4 Hot Bonuses:

    • Bonus 1: The Truth About Men! Video
    • Bonus 2: The Man Panel Video
    • Bonus 3: Body Language 101 Video
    • Bonus 4: Secrets on Where to Meet Men! eBook

Here’s how you can get access to
“The Secrets About Men” today…

Normally, to get this kind of information, you would have to hire each of these experts individually – and pay top dollar for an hour of their time.

These top experts charge anywhere from
$175 to over $500 per hour x 19 hours of interviews
+ 4 Hot Bonuses valued at $298

Total Value is Over $6,400!

But, because I was completely blown away by this amazing content. And, I truly do want to empower you to have the relationship of your dreams (what can I say? I’m a bit of hopeless romantic), I wanted to make this series as accessible as possible to everyone.

Which is why the total investment for

“The Secrets About Men”

is $1497


Special Price Only: $797

Limited Time Offer – Ends Soon!

1 Payment: $797
5 Payments: $197

Still Have Questions?

Now I know you may still have questions, so let me answer some of them here…

Q: I’m over 40 or 50 years old. Is this video series for me?

A: Absolutely. I’m in my 50’s, and most of the women I work with are in their 30’s to their 60’s. When I created these interviews, I made sure that the questions I asked were specific to my audience and the male experts on the videos range in age from their 30’s to their 60’s.

Q: I’ve bought other dating & relationship products before. How is this one different?

A: Great question! I’m actually very excited about how different this product is.

First of all, the experts are ALL male dating experts.

Most other dating products are just female experts or a mix of male/female experts, but I really wanted to make sure this series was all about what MEN think & want….straight from men themselves.

Also, the videos are in an interview format – which means I made SURE that the experts answered all of your burning questions about men, just like you, have been asking.

And, unlike other dating & relationship products that cover just 1 area of dating, this series takes you through all 4 Stages of Dating, Relationships, Sex & Marriage:

  1. Getting Ready for Dating
  2. Dating
  3. The Committed Relationship
  4. Marriage!
Q: How does it work?

A: Once you invest in the series, you’ll immediately receive an email with your login information – so you get instant access to the videos.

Now, I know that everyone is at different stages when it comes to dating & relationships, so instead of releasing videos week-by-week, I’m giving you access to ALL of them right away – so you can jump into the exact stage you’re at right now.

Q: Are the videos downloadable?

A: Yes, all the videos are downloadable in both Mac or PC format.

Q: Are they available in audio format, so I can listen to them on my iPod or in the car?

A: Yes, all the videos are also available in audio format too, so you can listen to them on your iPod or in your car.

Q: I can’t afford to pay the full amount, do you have a payment plan available?

A: Yes, you can either pay in one payment of $797, or 5 payments of $197. The payments will be charged every 30 days.

Please note: the payment plan is not available if you use PayPal.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: We accept American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and PayPal.

Still Not Sure?

No Worries.
I want this to be one of the easiest decisions you’ll ever make.
So, just in case you’re still not sure, I’m going to offer you

30 Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

I’m ready to prove everything I claim.
Access “The Secrets about Men!” right now, and see it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the videos do not live up to any the claims stated here. I don’t want your money, and I’ll give back every penny back to you.
No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Regular Price: $ 1497

Get This Special Offer For Only $797!
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1 Payment: $797
5 Payments: $197

So are you ready to…

…AND have the most connected & fulfilling relationship with a man you’ve ever had?

Remember, it’s not about manipulating men, or changing yourself into someone you’re not.

It’s just about understanding how men think & what they want. It’s also about how to communicate your own wants & needs in a way that men understand.

And the best way to learn that is to go directly to the source…Men, themselves!

Stop stumbling through the dating world constantly guessing what he’s thinking or what he wants from you. Get instant access to these 19 videos + 4 bonuses, so you’ll know exactly what a serious, eligible man is looking for in a woman – the kind of woman, he would want to marry!


Suzanne Oshima

P.S. I really can’t express how blown away I was with the male experts in these videos. There’s really nothing that compares to the knowledge, experience & insight that they have, both from their own lives, and those of their clients.

I’ve been in the dating industry since 2002 – and I was still amazed at what I learned from these videos!

I can’t wait to hear about your favorite “Ah-HA!” moments, too.

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“Thank you for this video series!

I just had to share with you that there’s one man in my life, who told me last year that he has been in love with me for years. And the funny thing is, I have had the same feelings about him, but never told him.

As I looked back on our interactions and our relationship with each other, I realize he fell in love with me because I literally did everything that your experts talked about.

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Andrea, 38

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Denise, 44

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Jess, 53