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Single in Stilettos Video – Dating Tips for Women

Single in Stilettos Live Event Video

Single in Stilettos gives the best dating tips for women from the top Dating, Relationship & Sex Experts in the industry.  The Dating Experts give women the secrets on how to meet & keep the man of their dreams. The dating advice for women, is from a men’s perspective of what they think & want from women.

The single women who have attended the events in person or online have said, that attending it has completely changed their lives and how they date.  See our testimonials below!

Testimonials from Women Who Attended Single in Stilettos
Single in Stilettos changed their dating life!

“Great team of knowledgeable dating experts. I learned so much from the speakers in terms of branding my own self on the dating world and about having fun on dates.

The man panel allowed me to notice mistakes I’ve done in the past and about moving forward with a new outlook on meeting men….great dating tips for women!

It was so much fun. Every single girl needs in on this! You are truly missing out if you are single and not getting this dating advice for women. Thank you Suzanne Oshima, Single In Stilettos you rock!!”

~ Teresa, 30

“SINGLE IN STILETTOS – An Event That Changed My Life

I loved attending the Single in Stilettos Event. I have felt shy, quiet & awkward with men most of my life.

Meeting men has not been easy for me – especially since I cannot tell whether or not someone is interested in me.  While attending the event, I learned how to be more open & playful with men.

From Marni Kinrys, I learned how to convey to men what I want & desire and then delight in letting them surprise me…..

From Yolanda Shoshana, I learned that it is possible to move beyond the bedroom to bring passion & seduction into every dimension of our life.  And, that it is possible to be sensuous & sexy at any age.”

~ Devorah, 58

Thank you for organizing such an informative and fun event; totally walked out of there a different person with a different and positive outlook on life.

If in the future you plan any similar events, I would love to come, perhaps even bring a friend…Once again, thank you! I’m forever grateful.”

~  Caroline, 24

“It was amazing to hear from all of the best dating experts in one day!

We enjoyed being able to chat with them one on one and learn how to be successful while dating in the city! And we made so many great new friends! Can’t wait for the next event.”

~ Stephanie, 25

“I have to be honest, if I could hug you and all the extraordinary speakers right now, I would.

“I really enjoyed the Single in Stilettos day. You had wonderful speakers that were “in the know” because they were knowledgeable and entertaining, the day breezed by.

I recognized quite a few things that I have done/said on dates that were definitely not alluring. After all of the great dating tips for women, hopefully I won’t need to come to the next conference. Thank you.”

~ Laurie, 49


Experts seen on:
Bravo TVOprahToday ShowGMAGlamourInside Edition