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What Do Men Love to Hear?

Dating Tips for WomenIt’s funny how much power a little phrase can have on men.

What do men love to hear?  With the right words, given at the right time, you can set your man on fire and remind him why he cares so much about you and why you’re such an important part of his life.

I could take the easy route and put down an increasingly explicit series of sexual phrases you can throw at your man, but there’s no challenge there. Just about anything explicitly sexual will get your man at least a little riled up.

While there is lot of subtlety to dirty talk, for now let’s focus on phrases a little more appropriate for the public sphere.

1.     “I miss you.”

Short, simple, to the point, and it works every time. Men like to know they’re important to their women. Men like to know they matter. Men like to know their presence counts, and, even more importantly, men like to know their absence hurts.

Men aren’t sadists. They don’t want their women to feel deep pain while apart, but they do want their women to ache for them.

It doesn’t really matter if you say this after you’ve been apart a week or an hour. This phrase will hit your man’s heart the same regardless.

2.     “I’m yours.”

Love is possessive. There’s a powerful element of love that revolves tightly around a certain level of consensual, shared “ownership,” for lack of a better word.

Just as you like to know your man is yours, your man likes to know you are his. Telling him this is sexy, submissive and devotional, all at once.

It’s a real knock-out phrase — one you should use when you want your man to know how much you care and when you want to feel that healthy sense of possessiveness (and of being possessed) yourself.

3.     “You’re the best at ____.”

Right or wrong, men feel extremely competitive in their dating lives. We don’t just want to be your great boyfriend. We want to be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had.

This competitiveness certainly expresses itself sexually, but men like to know (or think) they are better than every other man you’ve ever been with before in your entire life. This is delusional, of course.

A man might be the best overall boyfriend you’ve ever had, but there’s a slim chance he’s winning the gold in every category. Still, if you can stroke a man’s ego in this way, you will make him feel like the king of the whole universe.

4.     “No one’s ever made me feel ___ before.”

What’s even more powerful for a man than feeling like he can do everything better than anyone else you’ve ever been with?  Feeling like he’s the only man who has ever made you feel something in your entire life.

For a man, the only thing better than beating out the other men you were with is sitting in a class of his own.

It’s best to be honest with these statements. If you tell a man this and he finds out later it isn’t true, that can do some (temporary) harm to his confidence and his trust.

5.     “I love you.”

Sometimes classics are classics for a reason.

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by Suzanne Oshima

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