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What Attracts a ManIt’s important for you to know, the advice and tips you get in the video series from the top 15 Dating Experts is NOT THEORY . . . these are PROVEN TIPS THAT WORK! 

It’s exactly what I did to completely change my own love life and it’s exactly what I’ve taught to my private clients and they’ve had the exact same success…and it’s all about getting YOU the same results too!

It doesn’t matter you’re age, what you look like, or if you’re shy. These tips have helped women from their 20’s to well into their 50’s, and it can work for you too. 

What I’m giving you is, access to the top 15 dating experts all in place.  We are going to give you the most effective way we know how to improve your dating life, so you meet & keep the right man.

We’ll show you how to avoid the common dating mistakes that make men disappear after a few dates, or worse after a few months.  

We’ll help you really see what men really think & want from you.  And you’ll discover what it takes to keep the right man and finally get into a long term relationship….even if you’ve been out of the dating scene for years.

This video series is for you, if…

  • You feel like there aren’t any good men out there and stopped looking
  • You’re tired of going out with men, who keep disappearing after a few dates (or worse months!)
  • You’re tired of sitting home alone, wondering why your girlfriends get asked out all the time
  • You’re sick and tired of having a great relationship end after a few months
  • You can’t figure out what you’re doing wrong that makes men break up with you
  • You’re tired of all your friends getting married
  • You’re worried you’re not going to get married in time to have biological children
  • You just want to meet a man who you have an amazing connection with and can share a life together

Get the Top 15
Dating, Relationship & Sex Experts

They’re giving you the Secrets to…
Meet, Attract & Keep the Right Man!

The Top Dating & Relationship Experts who are a Professional Wingman, Matchmaker, Wing Girl, Dating Coaches, Relationship Experts, Sex Experts, Lifestyle Experts, Online Dating Expert, Love Experts and Life Coaches.

Dating and Relationship Experts Seen On

Our Experts have been seen on all the major media outlets!
If you were to book a one-on-one session with any of these experts, their hourly rates range from $125 – $400! But you can get their advice on these 12 videos for the cost of a pair of shoes!

Hunt Ethridge, Dating Coach
Hunt Ethridge
Dating Coach
Marni Kinrys, Wing Girl
Marni Kinrys
Wing Girl
Dr. Megan Fleming, Clinical Psychologist & Certified Sex Therapist
Megan Fleming
Sex Therapist
Laurie Davis
Laurie Davis
eFlirt Expert
Abiola Abrams
Abiola Abrams
Dating Coach
Nando Rodriguez, Dating Coach
Nando Rodriguez
Dating Coach
Lori Vadala Bizzoco
Lori Bizzoco
Tara Padua, Dating Coach
Tara Padua
Dating Coach
Thomas Edwards Jr, Wingman
Thomas Edwards
Erika Nitz, Dating Coach
Erika Nitz
Dating Expert
Tracey Steinberg, Dating Coach
Tracey Steinberg
Dating Coach
Yolanda Shoshana, Sex Expert
Yolanda Shoshana
Debi Berndt, Dating Coach
Debi Berndt
Dating Coach
Amelia McDonnell-Parry, Editor TheFrisky.com
Amelia Parry
Suzanne Oshima, Matchmaker & Dating Coach
Suzanne Oshima

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get Inside 
The Secrets on How to Meet, Attract & Keep the Right Man!
12 Videos

  • Find out the best places to meet men (places you never thought of)
  • How to get more men to approach you (you’ll find out why men don’t approach you!)
  • How to maximize your chances of attracting the right man online
  • Find out what men really think and want from you (trust me, it’s not what you think it is)
  • Find out what attracts and keeps a man’s interest (this is key if you want a man for the long term)
  • The best ways to flirt with a man (it’s scientifically proven, where you touch him is key)
  • How to know if a man just wants you for sex
  • Find out what men want in a woman
  • Find out why being so career driven can hurt your love life (and keep you single!)
  • Why being the strong, independent woman can be a huge turn off to men
  • The biggest dating mistakes women make (and how to correct them)
  • How your body language on a date may be subconsciously pushing him away
  • Learn what his body signals mean on a date (he might be sending you a message and you don’t even know it)
  • Learn seductive secrets to become the woman of his dreams
  • What makes a man marriage material (it’s not what you think, it has to do with his genetic makeup)
  • How to seduce the right man, so he doesn’t just want you for sex (and disappear on you!)

Don’t Take My Word For It…

“I wish I had found out all these secrets about what attracts a man and what he’s really thinking a long, long time ago.  It would have saved me a lot of heartache and time in finding the right man. I’ve put all these tips to use and have found they really work! I’m not in a long term relationship with an amazing guy and we are planning to get married next year.”

Shana, 37

“Now I finally know all the ways to attract a man and win him over without seeming too aggressive. I didn’t realize that some of the things I was doing were actually scaring and turning men off.”

Tammy, 27

“Single in Stilettos Changed My Life! I loved attending the Single in Stilettos. I have felt shy, quiet & awkward with men most of my life. Meeting men has not been easy for me – especially since I cannot tell whether or not someone is interested in me. I learned what really attracts a man…And, that it is possible to be sensuous & sexy at any age. My Thanks to ALL of YOU for opening me up to the possibilities of being fully loving.

Devorah, 58

Meet, Attract & Keep the Right Man!
12 Videos

Secrets to Meeting Men!

How to Meet Men
  • How Do I Meet the Man of My Dreams?
  • Fearless & Fierce Online
  • Where the Men Are!

Secrets to Attracting Men!

What Attracts a Man
  • What Do Men Really Think & Want from Women?!
  • The Man Panel
  • Driven Successful…and Always Single!
  • The Dating Experts
  • Body Language 101

Secrets to Love & Sex!

What Keeps a Man
  • Seductive Secrets to Become the Woman of His Dreams!
  • The Brain in Love
  • Love Lessons Learned from Hollywood
  • The Sexperts

Bonus #1: Unlocking Your Love Money Frequency Video
Bonus Value: $47
Debi BerndtSexy True Love
Debi Berndt | Sexy True Love™ Coach

Bonus #2: U in the Urban Jungle Video
Bonus Value: $47
Erika NitzbrandU360
Erika Nitz | CEO, BrandU360

Bonus #3: Discover the Secrets to Win Him Over! CD
Bonus Value: $29
What Attracts a Man
Thomas Edwards Jr. | Wingman

Bonus #4: The Secrets About Men CD
Bonus Value: $29

what attracts a man cd 2
Hunt Ethridge | Dating Coach

Bonus #5: Secrets of Seduction CD
Bonus Value: $29
what keeps a man cd
Yolanda Shoshana | Sexpert

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