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Single Women Love Single in Stilettos!

The dating tips & advice from the Top Dating & Relationship Experts has changed their lives:

“Suzanne, I bought two of your online books.

Just want you to know, I LOVE your info. LOVE your interviews!

They’re a great length, and they HELP!

Keep producing great content… and THANK YOU!”

~ Leesa, 43
Salt Lake City, UT

“l found the Secret Tips quite illuminating and very useful. Thank you very much for your help. I am very grateful.  I believe all are very logical and true.  It is “On Point”, as we say in this part of the world.

Kudos to you.  God will surely bless you as you are enlightening single ladies and helping them to have successful relationships.”

~ Rosamond

“I did try one of your tips today on my way to work. Well, actually three, and I was amazed at the difference. I live in a small town in Kansas, and for exercise, I sometimes walk 3.5 miles to work…I usually put my work cloths in my backpack and wear comfy clothes to walk to work in. I also put my make-up bag in my backpack so that I can put it on at work and look “fresh”.

Well, after watching the video of your dating tips with Abiola, I decided to wear a white t-shirt that fits me very well and is not over sized (bright colored clothing makes you stand out more). I also put on some make up before I left my apt…”you never know who you’re going to meet, and you will never get that first impression back.”

Then finally, I decided to try to practice being more approachable while on my walk to work.

Well, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that it worked. I met men (and they were actually all men I ran into, which was convenient while walking and met them with eye contact and a smile.

To my surprise, they said “good morning” and one even commented on the warm weather. I also looked at the drivers of on coming traffic and smiled. I had men waving at me.

I could not believe it, it made me laugh out loud. Not overly friendly waves, but acknowledged me.

These are all first. So I am really looking forward to listening to more of your podcasts and learning more.”

~ Single Gal, Kansas

“Hi Suzanne,

I really enjoyed your e-book. I do wear lots of color and I do know for a fact that men do love the color red.

As for being more approachable,  that is where I get scared.  I will be trying it out more and more though and I will keep you posted.

I just went through the breakup of an agonizing/thrilling relationship.  I rushed into it and boy was that a mistake.  I’m learning much from Joe and you.

I really love your kind demeanor.  I have heard quite a few dating “experts” but I surely don’t connect with all of them.  I learned about you because of Joe Amoia, who I absolutely love.  I can see why you work together.  You each have such kind and sincere ways about you.

I like your style.  And, it’s so nice to know that you answer your own e-mails.

Thank you for the work you are doing.”

 ~ Ruth, 46

“I have to be honest, if I could hug you and all the extraordinary speakers right now, I would!

Thank you for organizing such an informative and fun event; totally walked out of there a different person with a different and positive outlook on life. I got some really great dating tips.

If in the future you plan any similar events, I would love to come, perhaps even bring a friend. Once again, thank you! I’m forever grateful : )”

~  Caroline, 24

“SINGLE IN STILETTOS – It Changed My Life!

I love Single in Stilettos!

I have felt shy, quiet & awkward with men most of my life.  Meeting men has not been easy for me – especially since I cannot tell whether or not someone is interested in me.

From Single in Stilettos, I came away with some great dating tips for women. I learned how to be more open & playful with men. From Marni Kinrys, I learned how to convey to men what I want & desire and then delight in letting them surprise me…..

From Tracey Steinberg, I learned how to be lighter & more relaxed being myself with men.

From Yolanda Shoshana, I learned that it is possible to move beyond the bedroom to bring passion & seduction into every dimension of our life.  And, that it is possible to be sensuous & sexy at any age.

From Thomas Edwards, I learned how to read the body language of a wonderful man I’ve known 5 years (who is 22 years younger than me) who has asked me out on a date for this evening.

My Thanks to ALL of YOU for opening me up to the possibilities of being fully loving.”

~ Devorah, 58

“It was amazing to hear from all of the best dating experts in one day! We enjoyed being able to chat with them one on one and learn dating tips on how to be successful while dating in the city! And we made so many great new friends! Can’t wait for the next event.”

~ Stephanie, 25

“Great team of knowledgeable experts who gave great dating tips for women!

I learned so much from the speakers in terms of branding my own self on the dating world and about having fun on dates.

The Man Panel allowed me to notice mistakes I’ve done in the past and about moving forward with a new outlook on meeting men. It was so much fun.

Every single girl needs in on this! You are truly missing out if you are single and not getting this advice.

Thank you Suzanne Oshima, Single In Stilettos you rock!!”

~ Teresa, 30

“I really enjoyed Single in Stilettos. You had wonderful speakers that were “in the know” because they were knowledgeable and entertaining.

I recognized quite a few things that I have done/said on dates that were definitely not alluring.

After all of the great dating advice for women, hopefully I won’t need to come to the next conference. (-; Thank you.”

~ Laurie, 49

“Hi Suzanne,

Remember I emailed you about trying out some of your tips while walking to work. Well, I still make all your dating tips that I have learned, a part of my daily routine. Things are becoming more natural….like trying to be more approachable.

Anyway, I was really wanting to share with you, another success story. I went out to have a drink with one of my girlfriends last night. Sadly to say it was the first time I had been out to have a drink in quite some time. However, that being said, I had the absolute best time. I wore a nice yellow top with kind of a peacock feather design on the top, and some cute shorts, my hair was straightened and down, and I had my make up on, of course. Not real dressy, but nice and casual.

Well, as soon as I got there I noticed a HUGE difference in how my evenings usually go. First off I got in to the bar with out being ID’d, AND I got a free wrist band. I NEVER get in free anywhere.

Then we went to the bar to get a drink, and while we were waiting my friend saw some people she knew and started visiting. The man next to me at the bar started talking to me, said something witty and introduced himself to me. Then another man on the other side of me started to talk to me. One of them bought my drink. THAT NEVER HAPPENS!!! I had my drinks bought for me ALL night. It was great.

I got tons of compliments on my hair, and one man even touch it, I couldn’t believe it. I even ended up with a phone number. So needless to say it was a good night.

Thank you so much for your tips. I am not really looking for a relationship right now, but just kind of getting comfortable in my own skin, sort to speak. But this great experience will really help boost my confidence, and “practicing” your tips will help make everything more natural. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Oh, and did I mention, that I am 34 and this is a college town, and all this happened with me being the oldest gal at the bar last night. LOL! I loved it!!!”

~ Renee, 34


Experts seen on:
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